LGH Technical User Guide - Page 147

Counterbalanced Davits
Counterweight Base System
• Unit supplied complete as standard with man-riding/material
winch, Fall Arrest Recovery Block and Counterbalance Weights
• Fall Arrest Recovery Block and Mounting Bracket can be removed
if not required
• Legs adjustable independently for unlevel ground
• Suitable for lowering to depths of 100ft (30m)
Product Code
Safety Factor
Base Width
Base Length
No. 15kg Weights
Weight Required
Gas Detection & Breathing
Altair 4X Gas Monitor
Reliable multi-gas detector that measures 02, H2S, CO & combustible
gas. The most compact multi–gas detectors available and it has an
extremely durable rubberised housing and is very easy to use.
• Motion Alert and Instant Alert alarm features for additional safety
• IP67 and designed to pass 3m droptest
• Triple Alarm system. Bright LEDs on the detectors top and bottom,
audible alarm of 95dB at 30cm, strong vibrating alarm as standard
Product Code
• 16 hour battery run time
• Simple bump check with checkmark for 24 hours
• Easy to read display
• MSA link ready
Drager Saver CF Escape Set
• Compact design providing freedom of movement and ease of storage
• Flame retardant hood with a wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision
• Natural rubber neck seal is ozone resistant ensuring high levels of
protection, and long life even after storage
• The unit is automatically activated an opening carrying bag and can
be simply reset in the event of false alarm
Product Code
• During an escape situation, a warning whistle sounds when the unit is
nearing the end of its air supply, this is to help ensure the user knows
when they need to be in a safe breathing environment
• Provides breathing air for 10 to 15 minutes according to cylinder size
and is fully approved to EN1146 (2005)
• Complies with SOLAS chapter 11-2
www.lgh.co.uk | 03704 247 247
Emergency escape breathing apparatus allows safe, effective and
uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments.

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