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Accessories & Controls
• As manual trolleys (LN) for pushing or pulling the trolleys by hand
• As reel chain trolleys (LH) for moving the trolleys by unwinding
the reel chain
• As motorised trolleys (LM) powered by an air motor
Standard Features
• Easy to install with anti-climb and anti-drop devices
• Robust and with little maintenance
• Able to negotiate curves
Rope Control
Universally applicable for any control length. This control enables
sensitive starting and stopping. Lifting and lowering speeds are
infinitely variable. The rope control is available for all PROFI hoists
up to 25t carrying capacity. The PROFI 37 TI, 50 TI and 100 TI are
fitted with a pull chain instead of a cord.
Sensitive control, very easy handling. This FI-Control allows very
sensitive regulation of the speeds. Its handling is very easy and
comfortable due to the ergonomic design of the synthetic housing.
The use of non-rusting materials allows the application in areas
with aggressive substances in the atmosphere. The control hoses
are enclosed in an outer sheath which protects them from ambient
Available for multi-function use. The F-control consists of
unbreakable synthetic material resistant to ambient influences. The
ergonomically designed housing enables good handling. Up to
18 different control functions can be integrated as for example key
switch, double stage travelling speed or simultaneous control of
several motors. As a special extra the F-control can also be delivered
with infinitely variable control of hoisting and travelling speeds.
Air Line Filter Lubricator
Built-in to a steel frame to improve protection, the filter lubricator is
an essential component to ensure that the air hoist runs efficiently
and without issue.
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Carrying capacities up to 20t

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